25th November 2021

Thank you to our Children & Young People Now Awards 2021 Sponsors!

For sponsorship enquiries please contact George Hogg on 020 7501 6699 or george.hogg@markallengroup.com

Our 2021 Sponsors

Family Stability Network

This year has highlighted the importance of safe, nurturing relationships that we can depend on over time, through thick and thin. We know that four in five young people see lasting and fulfilling relationships as at least as important as their work ambitions.

At their best, families and friends help protect us through the difficult times and support us to develop the skills, confidence and resilience we need to thrive throughout life.

We connect people, spark collaborations and nurture ways that improve family stability to create an inclusive, committed and compassionate future for everyone.

Find out more about Family Stability Network here

Halliwell Homes

Halliwell is a social enterprise generating best practice thinking.
The model of Restorative Parenting® is holistic providing the space – environmental and interpersonal – for improved psychological well-being for looked after children.  Alongside our children’s homes our Ofsted GOOD schools work in partnership to create a holistic therapeutic approach.

Restorative Parenting® measures the child’s recovery:  engagement with learning, developing self-care skills, forming relationships and attachments, building positive self perception, developing self-management skills and self-awareness, becoming more emotionally competent.

The Programme is delivering improving outcomes.  In the last 18 months we have seen 63% of children leaving the Programme move to fostering/kinship placements.

Find out more about Halliwell Homes here

National Youth Agency

Our vision is focused on young people. We believe all young people should have the confidence and skills they need to live, learn, work and achieve.

Our mission is to unlock young people’s potential by providing high quality support and opportunities.

NYA has been transforming lives through youth work for 50 years. We are the national body for youth work. Skilled youth workers build relationships that support young people to explore their personal, social and educational development. Youth work enables young people to develop their voice, influence and place within society.

Visit the National Youth Agency's Website to learn more

Phoenix Learning & Care

Phoenix Learning and Care was established in 2006 and has more than 40 services across the South West of England including residential children’s homes and adult supported living services. We provide education in schools delivering KS2 to KS4 curriculum for those with special educational needs and further education through our specialist college.

Our mission is to meet an individual’s social or educational needs. Phoenix enables people to flourish by always putting those we support at the centre of our thinking and practice.  Our aim is simple; to improve an individual’s skills and abilities, help them cope with their life experiences and give them the knowledge and skills to be effective, productive and valued members of society.

Visit Phoenix Learning & Care's Website here


We are an independent safeguarding charity helping individuals, organisations, charities, faith and community groups to protect vulnerable people from abuse.

Our vision is a world where every child and adult can feel, and be, safe.  To achieve our vision, we offer a complete safeguarding solution which includes: advice, resources, CPD accredited training, consultancy, DBS services and a 24-hour helpline.  Our unique membership model makes sure everyone is equipped and empowered with the tools they need.

Trusted for over 40 years, we are leading experts in safeguarding and work with government and other statutory bodies to inform legislation.  Join us.

Find out more about Thirtyone:eight here